Emission Control Systems (ECS)

Bosal Emission Control Systems

Emission Control Systems (ECS) is the largest division of the BOSAL Group, which exclusively supplies the OEM passenger and commercial vehicle market with:

  • complete exhaust systems
  • heat exchangers for exhaust systems
  • silencers
  • manifolds
  • catalytic converters & aftertreatment 

Within these product categories, BOSAL's ECS R&D centres possess all of the expertise necessary to develop and produce state-of-the art exhaust systems.

While initially the emphasis in emission control has primarily been on the reduction of noxious gasses and particulates, BOSAL's technical focus has concentrated on improving combustion and exhaust gas filtration. In recent years, BOSAL has also actively contributed to innovations in the field of CO2 reduction, with the European Parliament's target of 95g CO2/km by 2020 as its driving guideline.  
Next to traditional solutions aimed at meeting these targets, BOSAL also draws on other areas of expertise within the group, including heat exchange and energy conversion ideas at the Energy Conversion Industry division.

ECS activities are focused on 4 domains that are the core of BOSAL business and expertise:

  • emissions reduction
  • energy recovery
  • light weight
  • acoustic optimisation