Energy Conversion Industry (ECI)


BOSAL ECI is the youngest division in the BOSAL Group. BOSAL ECI develops and produces advanced Energy Recovery Modules with state-of-the-art heat exchangers. With outputs from 1kWe to 250 kWe and beyond, our products deliver increased heat transfer and better energy efficiency

More than 20 years of heat exchanger experience

Our expertise lies in high-temperature conditions up to 1,000°C and high-pressure environments up to 60 bar. This is based on over 20 years’ experience developing, prototyping and producing advanced heat exchangers for Energy Recovery Modules in both industrial and automotive applications

BOSAL ECI employees

A professional partner

BOSAL Energy Conversion Industry (ECI) is experienced in the development, testing and production of high-power heat exchangers.

From development to serial production

In the last two decades we have been active in the area of energy conversion, mainly for scientific and research programs

Research and development
The Research and Development work is done at our headquarters in Lummen, Belgium.

Serial production
For the past two years BOSAL-ECI has been in the serial-production mode at its manufacturing plant in Vianen, The Netherlands.

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