Our People

"I have worked at Bosal for 16 years. I began in production as a foreman. Throughout the time of its operation, Bosal has excelled among its customers with its high quality and competitiveness, and I am proud to be a part of this successful team. The last few years have been rich in new technologies and innovations, which rightly ranks BOSAL among the top suppliers and producers of exhaust systems."

Karel Kadlec - Area Manager
Czech Republic

BOSAL People

"In an era that air pollution is one of the most threatening events for human health and the root cause of many horrible environmental changes, it’s my pleasure to be a member of a worldwide innovating team, who cares of environment by presenting high quality emission control systems."

Zohreh Mashayekh – Sourcing & Supply Manager

"Bosal is a well-known automotive supplier for Exhaust Systems because of its quality, innovation and performance. I’m proud to belong to this “great little family” because it allows me to develop my professional skills with the latest technology in measurement equipment in a charming, friendly and very professional atmosphere."

Raúl Marín – Metrologist

BOSAL People

"We have an excellent team with good accountability and engagement. We are happy to create quality products and more value for our customers. I like Bosal with which I am very happy to grow together in China."

Yao Jing – Welding Operator

"I joined Bosal in 2008. Since that time I have been proud to be part of Bosal Team, because this company takes care of its employees and gives me opportunities to grow personally and professionally. It´s my pleasure to contribute to the success, growth and further establishment of this company on the market!"

Oscar Bautista – Operator Muffler Line

BOSAL People
BOSAL people

"Bosal is not just a large fast growing company. Bosal is a united team of professionals, a stable salary, the possibility of personal and career growth. This is a good luck to work in a company that is developing so rapidly, because the company’s success - it is the success of each of its members. And participating in the process of production, any doubt about the success of the company instantly dissipated!"

Evgeny Baranov - Operator Automatic Welding Line

"I have been employed at Bosal as a buyer since 1999. As an employee, I value long-term stability and security in the company. Bosal is able to make excellent use of its enormous potential, high quality of products, and along with implementing new technologies it is constantly expanding its customer portfolio."

Kveta Holeckova – Buyer
Czech Republic

BOSAL People