The BOSAL prototype shop has full capability to build prototypes in house for all development projects and innovations. It is equipped with all serial production processes. This allows both the productproduct and process engineers to evaluate the very first prototypes on acoustics, durability and manufacturability with a production process that reflects the future serial conditions.

World-class prototyping

Prototypes in R&D centers worldwide are made close to engineering departments. This ensures short communication lines and guarantees efficient, robust and flexible prototyping process. This way BOSAL exceeds customer expectations on timing, quality and flexibility.

BOSAL’s prototype builders are continuously trained on working with the latest technologies. They translate practical findings into lessons learned for the different engineering departments. 

A dedicated ERP system supports an agile approach to shorten time critical development loops and guarantees  full traceability from raw material to final assembly.

BOSAL's prototyping capabilities

  • Robot welding
  • Laser welding
  • Catalyst canning
  • CNC bending
  • 3D scanning
  • 3D printing
  • Rapid prototping
BOSAL World-class prototype workshop

Prototypes for Industrial applications

BOSAL ECI offers every step from initial prototypes to full serial production, engineered under one roof. After creating prototypes are created and assessing the design performance is assessed, the design same competence team can be further implement the design in serial production within the same competence team.

BOSAL Prototypes for Industrial applications

Tailor made

The prototypes can be tailored depending on the specific customer requirements, including all the functionalities such as coatings.

Short construction period

BOSAL’s experienced teams create prototypes in a short timeframe, depending on its complexity. The Sales Department can provide you with specific lead times for your solutions.