BOSAL ECI manufacturing plant

Global manufacturing

With 30 manufacturing plants all over the world, BOSAL is a global player with vast manufacturing experience and the expertise to produce large volumes with a consistent level of high product quality.

ECI manufacturing

Production of your energy-recovery units takes place in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Vianen, The Netherlands. A plant with experienced and autonomous teams, and that is renowned for its manufacturing excellence.


  • Highly experienced manufacturing and process engineering departments
  • Global R&D know-how
  • Extensive knowledge of stainless-steel materials
  • Simulation tool chain, incl. CFD and FEM (LCF)
  • Endurance testing capabilities
  • Heat-recycling and pressure-drop testing at key operation points

BOSAL heat exchangers are compliant with

  • PED (European Pressure Directive)
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and
  • AD2000 regulations if applicable for your application

Moreover, we can set up automotive-level production based on ISO/TS16949 principles.

Your partner in sustainable energy solutions! Bosal ECI develops, produces and delivers tailor made energy recycling modules and high temperature heat exchangers for a range of functions precisely tailored to your system requirements. Discover your benefits here and contact us to find out what solutions we can offer you

How we build the best quality heat exchanger for you

1. Laser welding
2. TIG automated welding
3. Heat exchanger plate forming

1. Laser welding

Reduces deformation to a minimum

For the production of heat exchanger cells, BOSAL has years of experience using laser welding techniques. Our automated process combines:

  • High precision welding
  • High welding speed

High-speed welding results in low heat input, which reduces deformation of the product to a minimum and increases the product quality.  

Plate heat exchanger
TIG automated welding

2. TIG automated welding

For the production of high-pressure heat exchangers, BOSAL ECI uses automated TIG welding robots for two main reasons:


  • It provides a flexible process - TIG robots can be programmed for every kind of heat exchanger.
  • It offers the possibility to scale up from prototype welding to serial production.


  • High-quality welds are achievable
  • It gives excellent repeatability

3. Heat exchanger plate forming

Predictable heat-transfer performance
The heat exchanger plate geometry is formed using the latest manufacturing techniques, which ensure a very tight dimensional tolerance profile. This results in a predictable heat transfer performance from batch to batch.

For both prototypes and large series
Both prototypes and large-series can be formed due to:

  • Short cycle times
  • Quick tool changeovers
Heat exchanger plate forming